Despite all the confusion as to when it was airing, I hope most of you have had the chance to see Idina’s Soundstage concert on PBS. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and she sounded amazing, but the editing made it lose a little bit of the “Idinaness” that makes a concert her own. Aside from that one tiny criticism, I can’t believe I got to see an Idina Menzel concert on TV – that’s pretty badass! What did everyone else think?

I’ve added a few photos from the concert to our gallery for now, and I’ll be working on screencapping the hour-long event in the coming days, so keep an eye out for that.

Note: In case you missed it, head over to the Idina Menzel LiveJournal Community for some exclusive media! You must have a currently active LiveJournal account and be a member to view the postings.

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