This is pretty much one of those annoying self-promotion posts. I apologize, but I’m competitive, so…

Nominations are currently open for the Shorty Awards, an award that honors the best in social media, aka Twitter. It’s an actual award “show,” judged by an academy after public nominations are complete. There’s even a ceremony in NYC and winners get a legit award and everything (acceptance speeches have to be 140 characters or less!).

So if you love this site, and think that we have effectively utilized Twitter to deliver top-notch, relevant, and breaking news about Idina, then I ask for your vote. And hey, there might be something in it for you, too!

To nominate the site, simply tweet the following:

I nominate @idina_here for a Shorty Award in #fansite because [your reason].

That’s it! Everyone who votes for us is eligible to win an autographed photo of Idina. You do not need to vote more than once, as votes are not counted multiple times by the Shorties, and thusly won’t be counted by us (though if you already have multiple Twitter accounts, feel free!). Nominations (and contest entries) are accepted through January 31, 2011. I’ll pick a winner at random from all tweeted nominations on February 1. If you voted for us prior to reading this, don’t worry, your vote still counts for the contest!

The Top 6 nominees become finalists, and from that point they are reviewed and voted on by the Real-Time Academy, and winners are chosen. If we happen to win (which would be awesome!), I’ll come up with an kickass prize to give away.

So, crossies!

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