Sorry about the lack of updates guys, there hasn’t been a whole lot of news as of late, since Idina’s currently taking a post-show, holiday hiatus. (Which works out great, since I’m in the middle of finals – eek!) But still, I wanted to update everyone on all the upcoming stuff, just in case this dry spell is making everyone forget.

All of this information is posted on the sidebar under “Current Projects” – But I’m listing it here since I know this might be the only place people check. So here it is: At the start of this new year, Idina will be heading into the recording studio to lay down tracks for her new solo album with Warner Brothers – there is currently no information on when the album will be released, but we can only hope that it is sooner rather than later. The cast recording for Idina’s recent show, See What I Wanna See is also planning to be released this coming January.

In the FILM category, Rent will be released on DVD within the next 5 months, so keep your eyes open for that. Also, Idina’s other (and lesser known) films, are set to be released this coming Spring: The Tollbooth, which has gone through the festival circuit throughout the past year (I saw it in LA, and I adored it! A must see!), will be released on February 3, 2006 in NYC and Long Island ONLY (limited release), though depending on the success of that release, it could very well get distributed in a WIDE release across the country. So if you are in the NYC-area, go support the film! I will put more information up on places where it is showing when the time comes. Secondly, the film Ask the Dust is finally set to be released on March 17, 2006. I’m not sure how wide-spread the distribution will be, but again, I will keep everyone posted.

In the THEATRE category, Idina is NOT currently scheduled to appear in any shows, however, she is planning an appearance at The Public Sings Benefit Concert on January 30, 2006 – Tickets can be purchased by clicking here. There’s a huge range in prices, so it’s a pretty affordable event.

As I continue to say, I will report the news here as it comes to me. :) Thanks everyone for being so patient – I have finals this coming week, so unless there’s a huge Idina-happening, there may not be a lot of updates. Once I am home for the holidays though, many more updates will come!

(I’m also trying out a new NEWS system, which accounts for the different look – We’ll see how this one works out, since it’s easier to manage. But ADDED is the ability for all of you to make comments to the updates here. Hopefully you’ll find that helpful/useful!)

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