I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering why Idina-Here has been so inactive lately — I just wanted to assure everyone that I’m still here and attempting to get things straight in my own life while still trying to keep myself updated on Idina-happenings. Since I finally have some down-time today (since it’s my Birthday!), I wanted to try to get some stuff posted for all of you guys to look at/enjoy!

First, as many of you know, Idina is about to wrap up her spring Tour tomorrow night in New York City, which will be the special performance recorded for PBS (to be aired on a future date.) Great feedback has been reported back from her concerts over the past 2 weeks, and various accounts and fan pictures can be seen on the So Beautiful Fan Forum, as well as the Official Idina Menzel Message Board. To those people who have sent me fan pictures, those will be added shortly, as I get them organized and re-labeled. If anyone else would like their fan images put in the Idina-Here Gallery, feel free to e-mail me.

Also, it should be repeated that this site DOES NOT post full bootleg recordings for download — on the occasion that some do come my way, however, I have been known to post snipets that people might enjoy. We will see if those updates come in the future. wink

Idina has also posted a few BLOG update videos for fans (sorry these are being posted so late), but I thought I’d add them on here for everyone.

Break From Tour Rehearsal
Description: Preparing for Spring ’08 tour.
Time: 0:36
Size: unknown

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