Sorry things haven’t been updated in awhile.  My life got in the way, but things have been pretty quiet as Idina gears up for the new tour. I’m thinking we need a contest soon to celebrate the new tour and Idina’s upcoming birthday. Hmm…


Recent updates and going-ons:

Radio interview with 99.1 The Mix in Milwaukie – Click to listen

Radio interview with Weekend Edition NPR – Click to listen

Article with the Modesto Bee

Interview with Artist Direct

Interview with Rage Monthly: Edge on the Net

US Weekly – Idina Menzel: What’s In My Medicine Cabinet?

A BroaderWay event coverage by ET – Click here

And two new shows!  Idina will be performing at Rochester Auditorium Theatre on Oct 27th.  And you can spend New Years Eve with Idina (sorta!) when she performs at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles!

And lots of new pictures!  Idina’s been spending a bit of time catching up on shows and other events in NYC.  Click the pictures below to see the last uploads to the gallery.

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