Thanks to Vanessa, I’ve added several downloadable versions of streaming videos in the Video Archive – This includes Rent Film Trailers, KQED News Spark! Wicked Special, and Idina’s “Minuet” Music Video. So go download those, and more downloads are coming to replace old links. Also, I’ve added (thanks to Vanessa) the Rent movie cast’s PSA for HIV/AIDS Awareness, from E! Online. That can be downloaded from the Commercials/PSA section.

Thanks to another anonymous person who has made a generous donation to the site. wassat

Last night, I finally (after like 2 years) capped all of Idina’s “Minuet” music video, and I’ve added 86 screen captures to the Gallery. In addition, I’ve added the following to various Gallery albums: (thanks to those who have sent in photos – feel free to continue sending in Stage Door pictures to be put up in the Gallery)

  • London Wicked Stage Door (x6)
  • Miscellaneous Fan Photos: Enchanted set (x1)
  • Old Magazine scans: Taye/Idina
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