Hey ya’ll — K, so I just finished my hardest finals, and I decided to celebrate by doing an update of stuff I’ve been putting off to the side. First, there are two new (or actually, old) videos that I’ve added to the Video Archive. The first is a segment I cut out of an old “That’s Kentertainment!” episode from the Wicked Opening Night on BROADWAY back in 2003. It was a long video originally, so I just put up Idina and Kristin Chenoweth’s interview chunk – if you want the whole thing, I’m sorry, I can’t help you, since I don’t have it anymore. Click below to download it, or find the video link on the Public Videos page.

That’s Kentertainment! – October 30, 2003
Description: Wicked‘s opening night on Broadway.
Time: 4:00
Size: 16.2 MB

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