As a result of the great ‘I Stand for…’ birthday video the members of the So Beautiful Forum created, Idina has just launched a very special new project.

Beginning today, the world can now join together in showing what it is they stand for. All you need is a Facebook account to “become a fan” of Idina Menzel’s “I Stand” Page. From there, you can watch an exclusive introductory video by Idina and, by using Facebook’s video and photo sharing tools, begin participating in this moving, heartfelt project in sharing what you stand for and believe in! Idina will even be participating regularly with this new venture.

You can discuss this great new mission with other fans in a special thread on SB right here.

Special kudos go out to Kevin and Livi for building the video that spawned this all, and to Olivia of SB for working with Idina’s team to get this wonderful project set up. It’s amazing.

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