Thanks to Linny for sending me this first batch, and to Carly for providing the last bit. I’ve added a few images I’ve been meaning to put up but hadn’t found the time. First, a different promo still from Idina’s 2006 film, Ask the Dust, as well as two candid pics of Idina and Taye Diggs (along with their puppy Sammy Davis) at the Grove shopping center in LA back in January.

Next, some older items: I’ve uploaded the 2nd page (the interview page) of the Vitals Magazine spread Idina did back in the Spring of last year. That can be found here. Also, two Rent the Movie promotional posters/ads have been added, and those can be found here.

Announcement: I should have posted this earlier, but it’s not really an official event – rather, it’s being put together by the Idina Message Board, So Beautiful, in honor of Idina’s upcoming birthday. wink I’d post all about it, but it would take up too much space, so with that…

To read about the project and/or take part in it, please visit the information thread here.

Hurry, because submissions close on April 12th!

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