While it was predicted Idina’s upcoming solo album through Warner Brothers Records would bow my mid-May, plans are for the CD to be released early this coming Fall. has reported a short notice regarding the release, but I’ve confirmed that it will be out no sooner than August, probably September. Idina is finishing up the album in L.A. right now, so it’s great to see the release on the horizon!

Also, an unrelated note: While I had previously reported that Idina would sing two songs in the upcoming Disney film, Enchanted, I’ve discovered that she’s only confirmed to be singing one song. This song will be titled (appropriately enough) “Enchanted”, and she’ll be performing it with co-star, James Marsden. The song appears towards the end of the film.

EDIT: The first Enchanted promotional film poster has been released (though it should be noted, this may not be the final poster, since it was one that was just proposed to the studio.) No Idina in this one, but it definitely looks incredible. (source:

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