Thanks to the generous contributions from Connie, Justine, and particularly Cassie, over 180 High Quality pictures have been added to the Gallery! Many of these pictures are brand new (I hadn’t even seen them before!), so there’s a lot to look at if you’re interested. These pictures are HUGE, and totally beautiful smile – A great addition to the Galleries! [all of the newly updated albums are listed below, with a couple of previews]

Funny Girl Benefit RENT Apollo performance RENT 2001 Reunion

  • ‘AngloMania’ Gala (x5)
  • ‘RENT’ Press Conference (x25)
  • ‘RENT’ Promo Stills (x5)
  • ‘RENT’ Apollo Performance (x3)
  • ‘Ask the Dust’ Promo Stills (x2)
  • SAG Awards 2003 (x4)
  • Tony Awards 2004 (x38)
  • Tonys 2004 – Nominees Luncheon (x9)
  • ‘Ask the Dust’ NYC Prem. (x33)
  • Tony Awards 2005 (x21)
  • ‘RENT’ 2001 Reunion (x2)
  • Funny Girl Benefit (x7)
  • Dramatists Concert 2004 (x5)
  • Hurricane Katrina Benefit (x1)
  • Bway on Bway 2001 (x2)
  • Ellen – ‘Rent’ performance (x3)
  • Believe it or not, there are more to come! So keep checking back!
    Note: Within the next few weeks, I am going to make it MANDATORY for all visitors wishing to view the Gallery to LOG IN and register! It just lets me know exactly how many people are viewing the images. I will post a NOTICE once the albums are locked, but this is just a warning: If you haven’t already Registered in the Gallery, DO IT NOW! You will be required to in a couple weeks. Thanks wassat

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