Tonight, Idina attended the Los Angeles premiere of the upcoming film, Beowulf, with her album producer, Glen Ballard. Just a reminder, Idina sings the end credits song written for the film, titled “A Hero Comes Home,” which is a song that is already gaining buzz for an Oscar nomination.

I’ve added a handful of pictures from the premiere to the Gallery, and hope to add more once they come on the net. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who has already submitted graphics to the new Fan Corner! There are so many of you incredibly talented artists out there, I can’t wait to see what else gets submitted.

Also, I’ve started to collect and add Meeting Idina Stories to the new Fan Corner, and will try to add a few of the others I just got in the mail. smile

In the Interactive Section, I’ve added soooooo many of your submissions for the Three Words to Describe Idina page! Make sure you go take a look, or submit some yourself! A new Monthly Poll has also been added to the section. I’m hoping to change the poll, as well as the Puzzle at the start of each month (or close to.) Be sure to check out both!

Thanks everyone!

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