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‘Loud Mouse’ Promo Recap!

Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel had an extremely busy week promoting ‘Loud Mouse’ last week! The duo spoke with EW and TODAY and stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The View, Sherri, Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Ryan, New York Live, appeared on various podcasts and participated a satellite tour that included a chat with ABC Audio and new stations across the country. Those are all on the Loud Mouse Youtube playlist so you can watch at your convenience. They clearly have a lot of fun together so the interviews are all really entertaining. I also added some videos I took from their ‘Loud Mouse’ event at Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC!

Finally, I updated the gallery with photos from their various appearances:

If you saw them at one of their book signings and would like to contribute photos to the gallery, please email me at heather[AT]!

The Loud Mouse Song!

The Loud Mouse Song!

Idina Menzel has released a new song ahead of Loud Mouse’s publication on Tuesday! The adorable song supports the book’s message – that sometimes your best self is big, brave, and loud – and encourages kids (or hey, adults!) to get la-la-la-la-LOUD. You can watch the lyric video above and also stream it on major platforms. If you haven’t already done so, you can pre-order Loud Mouse by Cara Mentzel and Idina Menzel here.

There are also a few new Idina interviews: Disenchanted cast chats with IMDB, Disenchanted cast talks to EW, Idina and Cara on Beyond The Mouse Podcast, Idina and Cara for Disney Books, and LOTS more to come! I’ll be posting on social media as they happen and then probably do a bulk update here later on to recap!

Listen: Idina on LOL with Kim Gravel

Idina Menzel spoke with Kim Gravel on Kim’s podcast, LOL with Kim Gravel. The fun interview covered a wide range of topics including Encore by Idina, Loud Mouse, reinvention, remaining authentic and vulnerable, weak bladders, and more! Idina also answers the question, “Who would win in a fight? Elsa or Elphaba?” I highly recommend listening!

You can listen here or on any major platform including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The full video of this episode will be also available on QVC+ starting in September, so check back!

Idina Menzel Promotes Encore by Idina!

Idina Menzel Promotes Encore by Idina!

Idina Menzel has been pretty busy promoting her new clothing line, Encore by Idina. She spoke with PEOPLE, stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and Hoda and Jenna this past week and also went live on QVC’s Instagram as well as a pop-up appearance on QVC. I created a Youtube playlist with those videos, so you can catch up here:

Idina Menzel Makes Fashion Debut With ENCORE

Idina Menzel is getting into the fashion business! A preview of her new sportswear collection, Encore by Idina Menzel, is now available on! Encore by Idina Menzel is a collection of chic yet easy-to-wear styles that transition seamlessly from one activity to the next. Idina will appear on QVC May 23 from 4 to 5 PM to launch the collection, which features jumpsuits, hooded rompers, ballet cardigans, fit and flare dresses, high-waisted crop jeans and French terry zip-front hoodies and pants ranging from $40 to $100.

The signature piece is the “Swing Jumpsuit”. Idina spoke with WWD about the collection and shared: “The swing is the person in theater who I respect the most and is the person who has to learn every role. For me, it’s a hooded jumpsuit. If you really wanted to, you can wear it to bed and wake up, throw on sneakers and get your kids to school, throw heels in your car, and if you have to go for drinks later, you can go out.” Read the full interview here and shop the collection here!


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