I should have updated with this last week when I first saw it, but I thought “Idina’s not in it, so…” — Now, though, I realize that it’s an important (not to mention the first) look at Idina’s upcoming Disney film, Enchanted. Airing daily (maybe even hourly) on the Disney channel segment ‘MovieSurfers’, a peek at all of Disney’s 2007 film releases are showcased, last of which is Enchanted ! There’s the first glimpse of the animation (2-D!) and Idina’s co-stars, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey.

To view the streaming video, click here (the Quicktime format is much clearer, while the Windows Media is very very blurry.) More sneak peeks will be released in the future (hopefully some that actually show Idina, since this one does not), so once they’re shown, I will add them to the site. smile [the vid won’t be added to the Video Archive, so bookmark the Disney page if you’d like to save it.]

Also, I’ve heard from several fans that Idina was spotted with her husband, Taye Diggs, at the Complexions Ballet at the Joyce Theatre, which he contributed choreography to. Nice to see Idina enjoying some leisure time after such an intense couple of months. tongue

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