Happy New Year! Definitely time I make a new update, huh? Looks like the comment form has been plum-tuckered out in the last post! wassat So much enthusiasm, it amazes me. Anyways! Just a general Idina update: Since her incredible finale at Wicked in London last Saturday, she has returned home to the States (on 1/4/07, to end the debate), and she will spend many of the upcoming weeks in Los Angeles working on her album at Warner Brothers Records. There may not be any major news for a little bit while she lays down the tracks, but hopefully the Q&A will get sent to me sometime in the near future. I know you’re all eagerly awaiting it, as am I.

But I updated with a little something I had forgotten about — The fans at the SB Forum ran across an audio clip of a song that was recorded, but not included, for Idina’s last studio record, “Here”. I’ve added the clip of the song to the Original Music page for everyone to download and enjoy. It’s not the ENTIRE song, but a small chunk that you’re bound to love. wink

I’ve also added the last handful of Fan Photos I’ve received from you all. This batch includes some taken during/after Idina’s last performance on Dec. 30th, as well as Stage Door coverage from other nights. Thank you to Sabrina, Katie, Star, Katie H., and Trina for contributing (if you also sent Fan pics and they haven’t been put up, try dropping me an inquiry e-mail or sending them again — sometimes stuff gets accidentally deleted when I’m going through SPAM.) All the 12/30/06 images can be seen in the front of the album, just in case you don’t spot them right away.

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