Idina is featured in yesterday’s (11/17/06) issue of Evening Standard Magazine, with a 5-page spread, great interview, and beautiful new photoshoot! I managed to get the pictures as big as I could (while still looking alright) from the magazine’s website for use on this site. So check out the scans below, she looks simply stunning.

I’m making this announcement on behalf of Emma, who is putting together a gift-project for Idina while she’s in London. She will be collecting electronically submitted letters (aka e-mails) to put in a book for Idina to enjoy and read. smile If you’re interested in contributing to this gift, e-mail Emma at If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail her about it. (note: I’m not collecting them, so don’t send them to me.) Thanks guys! and thanks Emma for putting this together!

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