TAYE = (one of the) SEXIEST MEN ALIVE…

… and he mentions Idina in the upcoming issue of People magazine. smile Several people thought I should update with this, and since we’re slow on news, I thought it wouldn’t hurt. Taye is one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” in 2006, and he had some things to say about Idina.

To read his little snipet, and to see his sexy photo, check out the official site here.

What a wonderful husband, huh?

Note: speaking of Taye… I’ve been asked by Chelly, who runs Taye Online, to let all you Taye fans out there know what’s happening with the site. The server it’s hosted on is experiencing difficulties, and Chelly wants to apologize to everyone for it going down and being out of commission. She is very busy right now, but hopes to get it back up and running as soon as she can. I’m sure you can all be patient until then. wink

On another note, I thought I’d give a shout-out to this site’s official fanlisting songBIRD, and tell everyone that they should sign up if they haven’t already. Why? you might ask… Well. Because. wassat It’s just a nice way to see how many other fans are out there and where they’re located in the world. Considering Idina’s international fanbase is growing, it’s awesome to see those people taking an interest in her online fandom! To sign up (for free), go here. Let’s see how many fans we can get registered!

I’m still collecting fan pics (of all kinds), so send ’em in!

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