OK, Q&A stuff first — I have received hundreds and hundreds of submissions over the past week, and I’ve gotten some great questions! However, due to the overwhelming response, I’m going to make the cut-off time a little sooner (just for my own sanity)… so the new deadline will be Saturday, October 28 @ 8pm. That way, I can send the questions off Monday morning smile – I hope that’s alright with everyone. Also, just a reminder: because there are so many submissions, not everyone’s will be added! I tried to pick a variety of things to cover all the bases, but that means cutting out a lot. Definitely don’t want to overwhelm Idina on the first go-around. Right? Right. I knew you’d understand. wassat

Next, more Gallery updates! Still going through the last of the HQ pics I have, but since more albums were updated, I thought I’d let you all know. Most of these pics are new, though some are – like said before – replacing older, smaller, LQ versions. So check out the new ones by looking at the recently added section, or by clicking on the album links below:

  • The Comeback Premiere (HQ – 20x)
  • “Rent” Opening Night w/ Joey Fatone (HQ – 4x; MQ – 1x)
  • “RENT 10” – 10th Anniversary Benefit (HQ – 11x)
  • Tony Awards 2004 Nominee Luncheon (HQ – 9x)
  • Tony Awards 2005 (HQ – 17x)
  • “The Public Sings” Benefit Concert (HQ – 2x)
  • Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2006 (HQ – 19x)
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