Announced yesterday at ‘Wicked Day’ in London, the cast of the West End production will be appearing on the British show “Blue Peter” tomorrow, Oct. 30th @ 5pm on BBC 1 (then repeated at 6:30pm on the CBBC Channel.) The cast is supposed to be on, which I’m assuming means Idina will as well, but I don’t know for sure. Visit the Official Site here. Hopefully someone will be able to tape it so I can get it up online (I’m still working on “Richard & Judy”, sorry guys – the DVD doesn’t play on my player, so I have to find a different player.) Anyways, hope everyone sees it!

Also, I’m collecting more Fan Photos to add on the next Gallery update, so if anyone has any they’d like displayed in the Gallery, please send them as attachments to: kim[at]

I huge thank you goes out to Emma Jane and another Anonymous contributer for making generous donations to the site! It is so appreciated. wassat

[ps. Of course, I must thank everyone for sending in their questions for the upcoming Q&A! I hope everyone will understand that I can’t send all of them, as much as I may like to. Also, please be patient while we wait for her to find time in her busy schedule to do this. I will send them on Monday morning, so we’ll see from there smile)

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