For those you don’t remember, tonight was the Hollywood Meets Motown Benefit concert in NYC, put on by “Today Show” host, Katie Couric, and Idina was scheduled to attend the event! She did, and some beautiful/fun photos have already surfaced, so I thought I’d announce them for those who’d like to see. I’ve added 20 pictures to the Gallery, and there are more to come as soon as I get ahold of them. smile — ALSO, I have added a LOT of random HQ images to different galleries, so to see newly added pics, please click here.

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NOTE: I have just replaced the video clip of Friday’s “Regis & Kelly” with a NEW, great-quality version! If you’re interested, please go to the Television Videos Page (you also may need to download a FREE player, DivX, to play it – it’ll play on most players, but Divx allows for the quality to be read. enjoy! I’m going to be making caps soon wassat)

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