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With that, I have added the “Weekend Today” video (thanks to Carly, again!), which Idina appeared on yesterday alongside Salma Hayek. That can be found at the bottom of the Television Videos Page.

Idina gave an interview with about her role in Ask the Dust, and she spoke about her upcoming role in Enchanted with Amy Adams – she cleared up quite a bit about her characters role in the film (warning: may include spoilers):

“At the end of April I’m doing this movie called Enchanted with Amy Adams. It’s a big Disney movie. It starts with eight minutes of animation, where Amy is this princess and James Marsden is the prince. Susan Sarandon, who’s the stepmother/queen, doesn’t want her marrying James Marsden, so she pushes her down this well and she ends up in Times Square and it becomes real life. There she learns about real life and she meets Patrick Dempsey, who’s this single Dad who’s engaged to me. I’m this New York fashion designer who ends up going to the fairytale world. I ended up getting fitted with the glass slipper and walk back to the animated world while she stays here and becomes much more grounded and realizes life is tough but that’s true love. In the animated world I’m with James Marsden and I sing a little song with him, written by Steven Schwartz, who wrote Wicked. Then I throw my Blackberry away at the ceremony because we’re cartoon characters.” (Click here to read the rest of the interview)

Sounds amazing! Filming begins on Enchanted this coming April in New York City.

I’ve added 68 screencaps of Idina’s appearance on “MTV Hits” this past Friday to the Gallery, and I thought you’d all like to know smile She just gets cuter and cuter!

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