Hey guys! As promised, and special thanks to Becky, I’ve put up Idina’s section of the Mermaid concert which just (actually, is still!) airing on Radio 2 BCC! I know I said I’d put up the entire first hour of the show, and I will this weekend, but I didn’t want to keep people waiting smile

I’ve added one track which includes, in their entirety, “Where Do I Begin” and “The Prayer” (sung with Josh Groban) — It’s in mp3 format, so playable with every player, and it’s a little over 8 MB (aka not that big). So please enjoy, and like I said, this smaller track will likely disappear once I get the entire first act, so if you don’t care about the other part of the concert, snatch this up now! (Otherwise you’ll have to cut it up yourself.) wassat

  • Download: Idina @ the Mermaid Theatre, London – 2/12/07

    I’m going to be gone all weekend, just in case people were wondering. So don’t be worried if there aren’t updates for a few days, hahaa — I know, I’ve spoiled you all with the frequent fun stuff lately. I’ll still be in internet range, so I’ll check mail, but probably won’t make an update unless it’s something huge. All the best, folks!

    And enjoy the track! Discuss your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll enjoy reading them when I get back. smile

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