Thanks to a special person (who will remain nameless), I am putting up as a preview, 1 minute clips of Idina’s recent performance with Josh Groban at the Mermaid in London. The reason I’m doing clips is because it’s just a preview for Friday’s broadcast (which will have the whole song… so be patient.) Remember, this site doesn’t share full songs individually cut. But the clips are beautiful and totally worth it, and hopefully they’ll quench your curiosity for just a few more days.

Onto the songs! The first song is Idina’s new, original music, soon to make an appearance on her latest solo album with Warner Brothers Records! I think it’s hauntingly stunning. The last song is Idina’s opening to the popular duet, “The Prayer” (her beautiful harmonies with Josh will have to be saved until Friday wassat) Enjoy!

  • Download: “Where Do I Begin” (1:08)
  • Download: “The Prayer” (0:59) [p.s. Don’t forget to check out the previous post for information on Idina’s films Show Business and Water]

    EDIT: I’ve gotten a few questions, so I thought I’d say here. Idina comes out at the concert about 40 minutes in, following the violin solo. Some of you may not have the time to listen to the whole thing, which is why I’m telling you. However, I highly recommend listening to the entire show, seeing as Josh is an incredible vocalist (one of my personal favorites.) The concert runs just under 2 hours, and Idina doesn’t perform during the 2nd half. They may edit a bit during the broadcast for time, but hopefully all of Idina’s parts will remain. smile

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