Idina on ‘Hey Kid’

James Snyder’s final ‘If/Then’ vlog, ‘Hey Kid’, is now available! James took a few minutes to chat with Idina (starting at 10:33) and reflect on the show and their year.  Stick around until 22:50 to see Idina’s mom, and 23:30 for an amusing cast rendition of “Mediocre Rhymes”

One thought on “Idina on ‘Hey Kid’

  1. This was so wonderful, really enjoyed this video. The behind the scenes were great. We really got to see how truly wonderful the cast & show is, great chemistry on & off the stage with everyone. My sincerest thanks to James for all his time & effort with the entire “Hey Kid” series. I really appreciated it all. As Idina said, “He is the best!” My very best to Idina on her tour as she shares her remarkable voice with the world. I hope a live DVD of one the shows comes out, that would be great.

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