I finally found time to get our awesome contest entries uploaded for voting! Sorry for the delay, everyone – between trying to keep the site clean from infections (and not always succeeding) and life, I didn’t have time. But here we go!

I received 11 great entries for our October “Idinafy Yourself” costume contest. Now, everyone can head over to the photo album in the gallery by clicking here to review the photos. Choose your ONE favorite and send me an email at contest[*at] with the number of your choice as the subject. Please enter only the actual number (ex 1, 2, 3) in the subject, as extra characters or numbers will slow down my tally of the votes. You do not need to send me any other information in the body of the email. Yes, you may vote for yourself, but no one may vote more than once – I’ll know if you voted multiple times from different email addresses, so please don’t waste your (or my) time trying. :)

Voting ends November 10 at 11:59 pm ET and winner will be notified on November 11. The winner will receive a personalized & autographed Idina lithograph. Good luck to the entrants – your costumes are great!


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