Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Lindsay Rush has likely hit the radar of most of you visiting this website in the last couple weeks. Lindsay posted a video on her YouTube channel of herself recording a song that producer Eric Bazilian had written with Idina, titled “Kinda Special.” Lindsay was kind enough to sit down “with” me for a few minutes to discuss this song and how it came to be.

How did you come to record “Kinda Special”?
I had been writing and recording a lot with songwriter/musician, Eric Bazilian. He wrote “One of Us” for Joan Osborne. One day he mentioned a song that he had written with Idina, called “Kinda Special.” He played it for me, and said that they never felt like it reached its full potential. He gave me the track to take home to see if I could come up with a way to take it where they thought it should be. After listening to it a lot, I thought it would be a more powerful and unique song if it were about Idin’as new baby, instead of it being a love song. So I wrote mostly new lyrics, and the next day, Eric and I went back into the studio to record the new version. You can see a video of the recording session on YouTube.

Read on to see what else she had to say!

Had you worked with Idina previously?
No, I hadn’t. But I’ve been a fan for years. It’s such a huge honor to see my name next to hers and Eric’s on the track. She was really into the song when she heard the finished version. Getting the e-mail after she heard the finished song and knowing her feelings about it was really cool for me, being that I’ve looked up to her for so long.

You’ve released this song for streaming on your MySpace page, and Idina’s fans love it! We’re curious though – since Idina recorded backing vocals/harmonies at the very least, will we hear her version of the song some day?
Good question! I really don’t know right now, what the answer to that is. I guess the best thing to do, would be to stay tuned into my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. because if she does decide to record the new version of the song for a future project, I won’t be able to hold in my excitement! : )

Were you expecting this kind of reaction to the track? It’s really drummed up the buzz in the Idina community!
I really didn’t know that Idina’s fans would be so supportive. You guys have been unbelievable. All of my social networking pages have been inundated with awesome feedback. Idina is so lucky to have such a great fan base. She obviously deserves every bit of it.

What’s next for you and your recording career?
I’m working with a lot with Eric Bazilian in his studio. We’re writing a lot and recording. We’re also writing a lot of things intended for other artists to record. I’ll also be heading out to LA for most of November to write with great people, and also to work on some things with Pat Benatar (who I tour with). Lots of touring coming up and lots of new music!

Make sure you check out the recording studio video of “Kinda Special” (which includes Idina’s vocals), become a fan of Lindsay on , follow her on Twitter, add her on MySpace (where you can here the finished version of “Kinda Special,” check out her OFFICIAL SITE, and buy her current single, “Studio Apartment” on iTunes.

Thank you, Lindsay!

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