Idina’s Interview with The Telegraph

Idina Menzel spoke with UK’s The Telegraph to promote her upcoming album, idina. It’s a great and in-depth interview, so make sure you check it out. Here’s an excerpt:

“My career is what makes me feel confident,” she says. “To feel self-sufficient and like I don’t need a man to support me and all that kind of stuff makes me feel good about myself. It’s just, you know…” Another pause. “Everyone talks about me being a role model for young girls and that’s not always the truth in my day-to-day personal life. I’m not constantly practising what I preach.

“I’m a little uncomfortable carrying that banner. I’m not always ‘Oh, I feel so great about myself today. I’m a powerful, confident woman, and I’m not going to care what anyone else thinks of me!’,” Menzel begins to laugh. “I mean it’s all bullshit really. I can be a mess. The older I get, I get wiser about some things, and yet I get more fragile and vulnerable about others.”

Read the full interview here.

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