I have added both the KTLA Morning News interview and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” TV appearance to the Television Videos Page! (thanks to Nadine for the KTLA edited clips!) They are both in ZIPPED files and are linked to this site directly. Please keep in mind that if the download is running slower than normal it is because a lot of people are downloading! If you are experiencing trouble, please come back and try at a later time! I’m praying my bandwidth doesn’t explode, so please be courteous and Save Target As (meaning SAVE the video to your own computer to avoid having to download it again.) — Thanks everyone! smile

Okie dokie, I’ve just capped 96 screencaps from “The Late Late Show” video, and they’ve all been added to the Gallery! Her expressions just keep getting cuter and cuter, these caps are worth taking a look at! tongue I’ll try to get to the KTLA video clip to cap it as soon as I can. I’ve also added a few pictures from last night’s LOS ANGELES Premiere of Ask the Dust, which Idina and Taye attended in Hollywood! More pictures from the event coming as soon as I find more, so keep checking that album. edit: several High Quality images added, thanks to Chelly, and 50 untagged photos added, thanks to Nessa!

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