Set your VCRs (or TiVOs, whichever ya got)! This coming week will be another busy one for Idina, plenty of TV appearances scheduled to air! Idina’s Official Site has been updated to list a couple new appearances in the NEWS section, but all of those guest spots plus more are listed below (and on the side-bar):

Upcoming TV Appearances:

  • CBS “Early Show” – Wednesday, March 8 on CBS @ 8:50 AM
  • “Live With Regis & Kelly” – Friday, March 10 @ 9:00 AM (check local listings)
  • “MTV Hits” – Friday, March 10 on MTV @ 9:00 AM

    I plan on recording each of these appearances, including tomorrow’s airing of “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, which I had the opportunity to see get filmed this afternoon tongue Idina was unbelievably cute, it’s a wonderful interview! It was her very first talk show interview being alone and actually sitting in a chair talking. Very exciting!

    Also, Idina appeared this morning on Los Angeles’ KTLA News, and… I had no idea! So I wasn’t able to record it, but thankfully, a large section of the interview has been added to KTLA’s website, so you can go there to view the video – Click to go to the video clip – I’m going to be adding the link to the Videos page shortly, hopefully as a download, not a streaming video. I was having troubles earlier with it, so hopefully a real download will be up shortly smile Enjoy! The KTLA interview is fantastic, and she confirms that: a) she is definitely in the upcoming film Enchanted, and b) she is NOT IN BAMBI II! Most of us already knew that latter news, but I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails asking about it, and she’s just not part of that movie. No matter what IMDB says. Straight from her mouth to our ears.

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