The second half of the Two For Tuesday update is a great new letter from Idina to her fans about her new music video! smile Sounds beautiful, and if you haven’t seen the new picture from the vid, you better take a look! You can check out the letter below, or by visiting Idina’s official site.

    Hello my peeps!!

    Right now I am 35,000 feet in the air both literally and figuratively. I am flying home from Los Angeles to New York , United flight 28 still reeling from my showcase last night. I have been looking forward to this phase in my career for quite some time. Being on the stage in any capacity is by far my most favorite part of being a performer. It’s probably the craziest, most terrifying, nauseating, euphoric, high that ever was. It’s that redundant question, ‘why do I do this for a living?’ that haunts my every second until I get on stage. It’s everything I am and I can’t wait to share it with you.

    Two days ago, I shot the video for “Brave” with one of the best directors around; Liz Friedlander. All I can tell you is that it involved a very unique dress, lots of purple, downtown Los Angeles, and a surprise guest appearance. My voice was so tired after singing “Brave” all day. I must have sang it over 100 times, but I loved every minute. When I finally got home, I was so wired from the experience that I couldn’t sleep. I had rehearsal the following day for the upcoming show and couldn’t stop going over the order of the songs in my head. Finally, I fell asleep and embarrassingly woke up at 1:30 that next afternoon. I had forgotten to take off my pretty eyeshadow and mascara from the shoot and looked as if I was the quarterback for the giants.

    Anyway, on to rehearsal and finally the show. The highlight of the evening was getting the chance to meet a bunch of YOU!! You really warmed up the room for me and set a positive tone. Thank you! I just wanted to take the time to let you know what I’ve been up to these past few days and tell you how thrilled I am for the album release. (Jan. 29th by the way) As usual I am humbled and overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, support and love. I can’t wait to see you soon! Thanks for taking this plunge with me. I hope I make you proud.

    Idina xoxo

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