Hey guys! Wanted to wait for verification on this info once I heard about it – and I’m glad I didn’t post right away. Idina will be making a special appearance tomorrow night, Thursday Jan. 17, around 10pm according to the site (but around midnight according to her manager) at SPLASH BAR in NYC! This event is not a performance, but instead a promotional appearance to sign autographs while her album is played for the club. For more information, please visit the bar’s official site.

NOTE: This is a 21+ (ID required at the door) gay club! Idina’s promo plans while there are not set in stone, but her appearance will most likely – I repeat – NOT include a live performance. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this: there will be PLENTY of other opportunities, particularly in New York City.

According to Idina’s official site, she will, however, be making a special live promotional appearance on NYC’s 106.7 LITE FM radio station on Monday, January 28th! For those not in the NYC area, you can stream the radio show live online at the 106.7 Lite FM website. More information on the exact time of her appearance will be announced once I’ve gotten more info. smile

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