Today’s fun gallery update reveals several previously unseen photos from Idina’s 2003 photoshoot for Here. Aren’t they prettiful?

gallery thumbnail gallery thumbnail gallery thumbnail

I’ve also added several other new photos to the gallery the past week or so. Those who follow us on Twitter saw the updates days ago, so if you’re not doing so already, make sure you do!

Additional photo galleries that have been updated include:

RENT Film Premiere x16
Karina Taira Outtakes x13 MQ replacements
Enchanted Premiere x11
Sex & the City Premiere x10
Kennedy Center Honors x10 HQ replacements
Barbados x9
Tony Awards 2005 x9
Tony Awards 2007 x5
Nicholas Samartis Outtakes x4 MQ replacements
2005 Summer Tour Stage Door x4
Filming RENT x4

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