We received nearly 100 awesome photos for our September photography contest! Now it’s time for Part II, so here we go:

Part II – Rules

  • View the Shutterbug album in the gallery located here.
  • Each photo’s name is a number. You’ll see it if you hover over the pic, view the properties, or read the “Filename” field in the File Info section below the image.
  • Compose an email listing your guesses for what Idina song each photo represents (i.e. 1. Defying Gravity), send it to contest[at] with “September Guesses” as your subject.
  • Entries must be received by October 15 at 11:59 pm ET.
  • Open to everyone, all ages, worldwide.

    Note: Some #’s might be missing due to me getting confused with file renaming. Also, make sure you go through all 3 pages of photos!

    The taker of the photo that receives the most correct guesses will win a personalized, autographed Idina Menzel lithograph, and the fan that submits the most correct guesses wins an autographed limited edition copy of “I Stand.” If there are any ties, the winners will be chosen at random from those tied.

    Good luck to all participants! Have fun!

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