I was so busy with Christmas stuff these last few days, my new present to everyone has already made it’s way online! Oh well, they’re still beautiful and now they’re here for everyone to enjoy. smile Thanks to Linny, 7 previously unseen images from Idina’s photoshoot with photographer Grant Delin have been added to the Gallery! So please enjoy these, as they’re just stunning and definitely a treat for all you graphic-makers out there. wink

I’ve also been asked about the Q&A with Idina, and unfortunately, I still haven’t received it. I was hoping to have it up as a Christmas/Holiday present for everyone, but this is of course a very busy few weeks for Idina, so we’ll all just have to be patient. wassat I’ve been reassured that it will be sent to me once it’s finished, and I assure all of you that I’ll put it up right when I get it.

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