I’ve finished my finals! Thank you to everyone who wished me luck (I needed it!) and I think I did well. smile So I uploaded some pictures recently that I’ve received, and I hope everyone likes them! First, some HQ versions of Idina’s Royal Variety Show appearance when she met Prince Charles & Camilla. Three new images have also been added in the album here. Then, thanks to Ava, I’ve added some incredible and fun pictures of Idina during her “Still I Can’t Be Still” promotional tour back in 1998! Ava was at two different concerts back in the day and has donated pictures from both of them: the Graffiti in Pittsburgh and the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Check them out!

Lastly, I got a beautiful picture from a promotional photoshoot with the Rent movie cast that I didn’t have a good-size version of before. Thanks to Sharayah, I do now! It’s not huge, but it’s still really cute, and I’m currently trying to get my hands on more photos from this shoot (which is out there somewhere!) Anyways, until then, this one will have to do. tongue

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