Please Help Keep Idina-Here Running! is a site for the fans, by fans, and we cannot continue without your support!  A few days ago, I mentioned that the site was in need of another donation drive to help pay the hosting fees.  I’d like to thank those that have donated both recently and in the past few years.

If you enjoy this site, please consider clicking on the button below to donate to our hosting fees fund.  Even a dollar or two can make a big difference!  You can also see more information on the donation page.  And remember, any money you donate goes directly to the hosting fees, and not to me!



Also, don’t forget — Idina can be seen on the Biography channel special, “When Pop Culture Saved America,” airring September 11th at 8pm ET.  Check your local listings for when it’s airing in your area.  And if you do not receive the Biography channel, you can view it on Hulu for the next few days only!

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