TV Appearance!

In case you missed the last minute announcement the other night, Idina gives a short, yet also beautifully moving, interview on the tv special “When Pop Culture Saved America” on the Biography channel.  It reairs on September 11th at 8pm ET, as well as midnight September 12th.   Here’s the official description:
“In the aftermath of 9/11, getting back to normal would not be a simple task,” according to production notes. “For those in the world of pop culture and entertainment, the challenge was how to help America achieve that goal–to cheer the country up during its darkest days. This documentary takes a comprehensive look at the days and months following the attack–to show how the non-news media pitched in to bring the nation together. Comedians, singers, actors, entertainers all did their part with concerts, telethons and specials. Television, movies, Broadway, music and even sports helped bring us back to the new normal. We’ll also review the impact of the events of 9/11 on pop culture and how TV and films were changed forever.”

Check your local listings for when it’s airing in your area.  And if you do not receive the Biography channel, you can view it on Hulu for the next five days only!

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