I’m just updating to say that I’m going to be away until Sunday, so there won’t be any updates until Monday at the earliest (unless I get internet while I’m gone.) So if you write to me or something happens with the site, just please be patient and I’ll help you/fix anything when I get back.

With that, I’ll just update on Idina’s current stuff: She’s still shooting Enchanted and will be taking a short break over the next 3 weeks to work on her solo album smile – Not too much news other than that, but it’s nice to know the CD is in production. Also, as a parting gift, I’ve updated the Gallery with a few new pictures and HQs, which can all be seen in the Recent Uploads section. But I’ve also added a few GREAT outtakes from the Vanity Fair magazine shoot with the Wicked cast done by Henry Leutwyler back in 2003. tongue Enjoy, they’re gorgeous.

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