I’ve just received confirmation that, unfortunately, Idina will no longer be involved with the upcoming V-Day Festival. I know a lot of you have been wondering about what her part was going to be and when, however, due to scheduling conflicts with her film role, she is unable to participate. Hopefully nobody’s plans have been interferred with, and the festival is still something worth checking out if you’re in the NYC area because it’s a great cause!

This past weekend, Idina and Taye attended the 2006 Swarovski CFDA Dinner, and I’ve added a collection of 19 HQ images to the Gallery! Idina’s Ask the Dust co-star Salma Hayek and Enchanted co-star Amy Adams were both on hand as well. Also, 13 more HQ images have also been added to the album for “The Today Show” appearance last week! Some beautiful new additions, check them out!

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