Thanks to everyone for participating in September’s metaphorical photography contest! The photos that were submitted were all AMAZING. I’ve reviewed everyone’s guesses, and here are the winners:

AnLi‘s photograph received the most correct guesses and will receive a personalized lithograph!
Zoe submitted the most correct guesses and will receive an autographed limited edition copy of I Stand!
Claire‘s subtly poignant photo representing “Hope” was my personal favorite in light of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and will receive an autographed photo of Idina!

The answers will be revealed in the contest album in the coming days. I’ll announce on Twitter when the song titles are available. Comments on the photos are now allowed, so feel free to discuss and debate in the meantime!

Speaking of Twitter and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, each time you include “#beatcancer” in your tweets, 1 cent is donated to breast cancer research, so tweet away, and make sure you include #beatcancer. smile

Reminder that you have just two more weeks to work on October’s Idina-fy Yourself costume contest!

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